**********   SUMMER AT THE ROCKIN' C   **********

This energetic couple shares their ranch with hundreds of happy campers each year.

“We get a lot of exercise at the ranch,” says Janie Clapp of the Rockin’ C, where she and Matt live and run a summer camp.

“It’s an all-around cake,” says Janie of her pound cake., the centerpiece of her Tyler bakery.


Each day, Janie Clapp leaves the Rockin’ C Ranch for Janie’s Cakes, her bakery in nearby Tyler. Husband Matt and their son, Travis, stay home with cows, horses, 200 pampered hens, and 145 kids per week who come for summer camp at the Rockin’ C.

While her pound cakes bake, Janie pauses for coffee and lifts a booted foot. “These are ostrich, and they were my Christmas present this year from Matt. They are more comfortable than tennis shoes,” she says.
Janie stays on her feet all day, working with her daughter(s), Katherine; Anthony Croft; Carol Allen; and Tara Hornecker, as they make pound cakes from scratch and pour flavored fillings into the Bundt pans.

Janie teaches Katherine as her great-grandmother “Papu” once taught her. “We’d visit her in Austin, where we’d take these long afternoon naps in summer,” she recalls. “Papu would see me struggling to sleep, so we’d cook. When everyone else woke up, we’d have these goodies.”