**********   MADE FROM SCRATCH INGREDIENTS   **********

How do you make the world’s best-tasting pound cakes? You make them from scratch with nothing but the highest quality ingredients. At least, that’s how Janie sees it.

Old-Fashioned Ingenuity. Farm-Fresh Eggs.

Janie insists that her pound cakes’ old-fashioned goodness comes from the freshness of her ingredients. This is why she insists that her pound cake use nothing but fresh, Grade-A eggs from free-range chickens.

Real Southern Pound Cake Uses Real Vanilla Extract

These days, most bakeries hold down their costs by using artificial vanilla flavoring. Our Janie just wouldn’t hear of this! That’s why every one of our vanilla pound cakes uses only the best vanilla extract money can buy: organic Madagascar vanilla bean extract. If this sounds a little fanatical, it’s because we are certified pound cake fanatics.

Real Pure Cane Sugar For a Real Purebred Cake

Corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are in pretty much everything these days. One place you won’t find them is in an all-natural Janie’s Cake. Janie uses real pure cane sugar in her pound cakes and nothing but. After all, you don’t get to be the world’s best pound cake without having some standards.

Real Dairy Cream. Real Grade-AA Dairy Butter

No doubt about it, real dairy cream and butter is just plain expensive. But pound cake is never somewhere folks should scrimp. Janie’s bakery is a margarine-free zone. To deliver a moist, fluffy pound cake there is no substitute for real dairy cream and honest-to-goodness Grade-AA butter. You’re welcome.

Organic Ingredients vs. Genetically Engineered Ones

It’s no contest. Man-made substitutes will never be substitute for real-deal organic ingredients at Janie’s Cakes. That’s why you will find Texas’ best organic pecans in every Pecan Jane pound cake.

Only the Best Chocolate is Good Enough for Janie

Janie has a saying: “True chocolate lovers deserve true chocolate.” That’s why the only chocolate that finds its way into an all-natural Janie chocolate cake is organic chocolate. Take a big bite and taste that difference. Mmm-mmm, it’s Janie’s good!